NorthStar Installation

SETUP is a simple 3 step process.
1 - Select the function that you want to set
2 - Set the corresponding function voltage
3 - Adjust timers to the desired time intervals
Now you're ready for action. (See red highlighted areas.)

INSTALLATION is a breeze. Simply install the components and connect the wires. (See yellow highlighted area and enlargement in figure below.)


The NORTHSTAR offers the following advanced features:
EXTRA LIFT enables the magnet to lift up to 30% more steel.
LIFT (reduced voltage carry mode) keeps the magnet cooler so it can operate more efficiently and work longer without compromising lifting capacity.
AUTO DROP automatically cleans the magnet after each lift.
MANUAL DROP removes magnetized material from magnet.
MANUAL DROP (reverse lift mode) is used to sort and
seperate metals by size and weight.


Modular plug-in design allows for quick and easy replacement of electrical components.
No tools required to change plug-in type components (relays, rectifiers, fuses & timers).
Parts available locally from multiple vendors or may be purchased direct from factory.

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